DoD STARBASE 2.0 is a STEM-based after-school mentoring program that is based at a collaborating school system.

Our objective is to serve students at other grade levels in the STEM areas beyond their initial DoD STARBASE experience. The program was introduced in 2010 and expanded to a dozen sites during the 2011-12 program year.

DoD STARBASE 2.0 maintains a unique school-based after-school program that targets at-risk sixth to eighth graders. The program takes place in partnering schools that have expressed the desire for additional DoD STARBASE program resources. As with other school-based after-school mentoring programs, DoD STARBASE 2.0 is highly structured and intends to help support school goals, provide safe environments for students, and improve student-teacher relationships while empowering schools through student referrals.

DoD STARBASE 2.0 students work on a team project at their school with a STEM mentor one afternoon per week. The outcomes for students participating in DoD STARBASE 2.0 are as follows:

  • Increased STEM interest and knowledge
  • Reduced high-risk behavior
  • Increased engagement with school
  • Increased career awareness

Program locations use a variety of different team projects to achieve these goals. STEM projects include: Scalextrics, robotics, rocketry, engineering, physics, FIRST LEGO League, solar cars, chemistry, technology, and aerospace. Of these topics, robotics is the most widely used STEM project followed by Scalextrics, rocketry, engineering and FIRST LEGO League.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor for a 2.0 program in your area, please contact Vonny Revell, Director at