“I wish that they had STARBASE when I myself went to school. I could have learned a lot and had as much fun as my son Dakota did going through the program.”

“I just would like to thank you and your staff for having this program available for the kids. This is the sort of thing that helps keep a child’s mind growing and encourages them to want to learn.”

“Arianne came home one day ate some marshmallows for a snack. She dug out a toothpick from the drawer and showed me a model of water made from the marshmallows and a toothpick. She has been showing an interest in science and doing experiments to learn things. She is also a very visual, hands-on learner, so she has enjoyed her time at STARBASE very much.””Jesse said he loved STARBASE and everything he did there. He was very excited to explain to us how the experiments worked and how air went over the wings of his airplanes at home. This seems to have peaked his interest in how airplanes and rockets work – he thinks he is ready to learn how to fly a plane.”

“I’d like to thank everyone involved with STARBASE. They really make a difference in a child’s world of learning.”