“Thank you for teaching me about inertia and eggbert! Don’t matter if I’m just going around the block or sitting in the car, My SEAT BELT IS ALWAYS ON!!!!!!!”

 “I chose the liquid nitrogen and ice cream because it was very fun. I also chose launching and building rockets because we had lots of teamwork. It was very fun when we designed stuff in the computer room with the software. What a best field trip ever.”

 “My favorite activity was Newton’s second law chair and squirt gun because when I go home I tell my dad that water gun can be a model for a scientific program and my dad did not believe, so we buy a water gun and I show him and he believe me.”

 “The best thing even if I could not put it down was meeting Pegasus, Rae and Sol. Thank you for inspiring me to wear my seat belt.”

 “I loved coming here it was fun learning about sir isic Newton he is my inspiration all because of STARBASE. I feel like a much better person. P.S. Dreams + action = Reality.”