“In the past STARBASE has helped my students better learn and understand the science standards. Our test scores have shown that. I’m sure this year will also help my students remember the information that will meet the science standards.”

“The Hawthorne 5th graders have fun learning at STARBASE and the activities match our state education standards and student learning goals. The time we spend with the marvelously prepared SB teachers is invaluable. These teachers are the best! Their expertise in management of students, scheduling and teaching scientific content is excellent! I am so thankful our students have this opportunity. (I learn a lot, too).”

 “STARBASE was a wonderful experience for my class! They were exposed to science in a fantastic way (technology, experiments etc.) That is not possible in a general classroom setting. STARBASE has been so valuable not only in the science that it taught, but also in providing experiences and background knowledge building in areas students would not receive at home. Thank you so much for enriching the lives of these students!”

 “Great program, it helps children understand that they can learn outside of school and that they are the ones that are responsible for that learning. All of the activities, experiments, and goal setting are experiences that the children share at home and don’t forget. Thank you for the wonderful program.”

 “STARBASE continues to be an excellent learning experience for our 4th graders. The hands-on activities and activities on the computer are highly motivating. This is such a positive experience for our students. Much of what is done at STARBASE cannot happen in our classroom at school – the opportunities cannot happen in our classroom at school – the opportunities given to most of these students would not happen for them. Instruction is marvelous – instructors are positive, well-prepared and very knowledgeable!”

 “The experiences the students have had at STARBASE have had a long lasting impact on not only learning (academic), but an enthusiasm for science and technology. What a neat thought that this experience at STARBASE might motivate a student to be a scientist – who knows maybe one of my 4th graders might find a cure for cancer.”